I've looked through a few pages of the blog. I really like what I see, and I appreciate what you do here! I as well find a big interest in WWII and anywhere the US has fought wars. But just out of curiosity why the name nazi-Medic?

Hello there!

A friend of mine had claimed this URL on a whim and then gave it to me. I did not immediately set out to make a history and reference blog. I wanted to make an art blog, and since I draw a great deal of historical art, I figured it would be a fitting name. Fitting enough, anyway.

I figured a great way to start out would be to post some uniform references, just for me, you know. So I could look back in my own blog if I needed to. 

I didn’t expect the research to absorb me completely! It’s intriguing and fun to dig deeper into history, find new sources, and share what I find. A bit on me: I’m an art major, actually. But if I wasn’t so much into film and animation, I would want nothing more than to be a history teacher. I love history.

Now, with all the things that I’ve posted medical-related, not medical, Nazi, German, non-German, WWI, WWII…it’s probably not the most fitting URL, but it’s one I look back to fondly to remember the humble beginnings of this blog. I just don’t have the heart to change it.

Thank you so much for your question, kind words, and interest!